Motocross Vs. Commuter Gear & Urban Protection

By Maddie Knowles on Aug 26, 2023

Riding a motorcycle demands the right gear for both safety and style. Whether you're zipping through city streets as a daily commuter or tearing up off-road tracks in motocross, choosing the right gear is just as important as the ride.

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Kevlar vs. UHMWPE: What's the Difference?

By Meghan Stark on Jun 01, 2023

Kevlar and UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) are both high-performance synthetic fibers widely recognized for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and amazing resistance to impact and ...

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What Are Moc-Toe Shoes?

By Maddie Knowles on Mar 30, 2023

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new pair of durable, long-lasting footwear, you’ve likely come across “moc-toe” shoes without even knowing it! Short for “moccasin toe,” moc-toes are typically made of...

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What does EN 1621-1:2012 mean?

By Meghan Stark on Feb 28, 2023

This combination of letters and numbers might seem like nonsense, but it references important information relating to a product's CE rating. In this case, certified EN 1621-1:2012 means the product is design...

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What are the Most Common Motorcycle Accidents?

By Maddie Knowles on Dec 16, 2022

How to avoid the most common motorcycle injuries and fatal crashes As a motorcyclist, the last thing you want to have to think about is being injured in an accident. Thinking about the many ways in which you...

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Aramid, Kevlar®, and Carbon Fiber: What’s the Difference?

By Maddie Knowles on Nov 10, 2022

Whether or not you ride motorcycles or are someone whose day-to-day life involves the need for serious full-body protection, you’ve probably heard the word ‘Kevlar®’. It’s one of the most well-known kinds of...

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What's the difference between CE Level 1 and Level 2 Armor?

By Meghan Stark on Dec 16, 2021

After a bit of research, you’ll come across items rated Level 1 and Level 2 according to the CE rating systems. What’s the difference? How about Type A motorcycle armor versus Type B protectors? As a motorcycle armor retailer, want to keep you safe on the road. 

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GLS Co. Motorcycle Gear Comparison

By Meghan Stark on Dec 04, 2021

We're offering a lot of cool new products and want to make sure you have all the info you need. Thanks for investing in your protection on the road. Your body will thank you too! 

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