Our Story

Meghan Stark, Founder

A motorcycle, a designer, & a cafe ♠️

Founded in Milwaukee in the Summer of 2018, Great Lake Supply Co. draws design inspiration from coffee, visibility, and the zen of riding. Through symbols of movement and enlightenment, the newest collection taps into some of the most profoundly philosophical aspects of riding. The "Watch for Cycles" wide open (third) eye is a reference to motorcycles themselves as well as the cycles of life. We are constantly looping and moving forward.

All it took was some inspiration from café racer culture and an epic view of Lake Michigan to manifest the first latte art and naked bike graphics. The unisex apparel and merchandise is just the beginning of what is growing to become an entire Great Lake community.

Great Lake Supply Co. is a growing and ever-evolving company owned and operated by motorcyclist Meghan Stark. Meghan is a web developer, writer, and digital creator who rides a 2017 Ducati Scrambler Café Racer.

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