Rheon Back Protector - Central Spine Armor

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Rheon Back Protector - Central Spine Armor
Rheon Back Protector - Central Spine Armor
Rheon Back Protector - Central Spine Armor
Rheon Back Protector - Central Spine Armor

Rheon Back Protector - Central Spine Armor

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Armor Type:

Size M/L

Re-Usable After Impact

At the core of RHEON™ motorcycle armor inserts is an active polymer that strengthens when exposed to force. This protector is compatible with all jackets that have armour slots.

Laboratory created and tested, RHEON™ motorcycle armor incorporates highly strain-rate sensitive polymers into a revolutionary geometric design. RHEON™ reacts to movement, enabling the technology to dynamically harden when exposed to force so that it is not transferred to the rider. RHEON™ has advanced impact absorption when compared to other materials, removing the energy from the shock.

  • Exceeds CE Level 1 Certification requirements.
  • Malleable armor that allows for easy movement on the bike.
  • Lightweight, naturally conforms to the rider’s body and adapts with the movement for an optimal and adaptive fit.
  • M/L fits Women's Merla Moto Jackets and L/XL fits Men's Merla Moto Jackets

Residual force according to EN 1621-2 below 18 kN. Rated CE Level 1

Choose your protector size based primarily on the size of your motorcycle jacket pocket (the difference between them is just over an inch in length and nominal in width). Anticipate an extra 3/4 of an inch needed to accommodate the protector depth.

  • M/L = 365mm x 145 mm (14.4 in x 5.7 in)
    L/XL = 400mm x 157mm (15.75 in x 6.2 in)
  • Weight: 210g (7.4 oz)
  • Thickness: 12mm (0.47 in)
  • Coverage: Central

Which set is best for your gear?

Phantom Tripleflex - Combo Set

Two sizes of flexible SAS-TEC armor, two small and two large, in Level 2 joint protection that exceeds CE requirements by 25%.

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Phantom Air Tripleflex - Combo Set

The same sizes of armor (2 small and 2 large) as the regular Tripleflex Combo set, but ventilated! This trades a small amount of impact protection for airflow, but remains CE Level 2.

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Phantom Air - Extra Small

A perfect hybrid shape for those of you with petite armor pockets on your gear. This set comes with 2-4 joint protectors in our smallest size (SC-1/KA2air). CE Level 2 and ventilated.

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