Ultra-Thin Ventilated Phantom Tripleflex Level 1 Armor (SAS-TEC)

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Ultra-Thin Ventilated Phantom Tripleflex Level 1 Armor (SAS-TEC)

Ultra-Thin Ventilated Phantom Tripleflex Level 1 Armor (SAS-TEC)

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Armor Type: SC-1/KCAair

Quantity Two SC-1/KCAair Protectors (2)

Set of two or four ventilated CE Level 1+ joint protectors for motorcycle gear in our smallest and thinnest size, a scaled down and slimmer "extra-small" version of the SC-1/KB2. These crash pads are just 6.9mm and weigh under 2 ounces each! This notched design allows the protector to contour even more closely around your joints.

These universal motorcycle safety pads are astoundingly flat, extremely flexible protectors in the innovative SAS-TEC TRIPLEFLEX design. The slim and lightweight "Phantom" protectors retain their high flexibility even in cold or wet conditions. The armor is black with TPU coated, tear-resistant fabric on the back side.

These versatile joint protectors can be used interchangeably in hip, shoulder, elbow, and knee armor slots. Use them where they best fit! Be sure to measure the pockets on your gear before ordering, as these can be too small for some garments.

  • Protectors surpass the required values of EN 1621-1:2012, level 1
  • Re-usable after impact
  • Lightweight (approx. 1.6oz each unit)
  • Slim and comfortable at 6.9 mm deep
  • Protector size: 5.3 in. wide (at widest point), 8 in. long

Buy one set of four to outfit knee and hip protection on a pair of pants or to outfit elbow and shoulder protection in a jacket.
Complete the set for a jacket with our Level 2 Tripleflex Back Protector 

Which set is best for your gear?

Phantom Tripleflex - Combo Set

Two sizes of flexible SAS-TEC armor, two small and two large, in Level 2 joint protection that exceeds CE requirements by 25%.

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Phantom Air Tripleflex - Combo Set

The same sizes of armor (2 small and 2 large) as the regular Tripleflex Combo set, but ventilated! This trades a small amount of impact protection for airflow, but remains CE Level 2.

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Phantom Air - Extra Small

A perfect hybrid shape for those of you with petite armor pockets on your gear. This set comes with 2-4 joint protectors in our smallest size (SC-1/KA2air). CE Level 2 and ventilated.

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