May 2018

GLS Co. is Born

Great Lake Supply Co. was founded by Meghan Stark in the heart of Milwaukee, inspired by coffee and the zen of riding

November 2020

GLS Co. Coffee

In collaboration with local roaster Valentine Coffee Co., we started offering our own fair trade coffee beans that we called Look Alive as an ode to motorcycle visibility

December 2021

Motorcycle Safety Gear

We've proudly become partnered with reputable motorcycle safety gear designers to provide unique + innovative options to riders in our community

February 2023

Thorogood Boots

After may years of loving the brand, we officially became a dealer for USA made Thorogood Boots

For the Road Ahead

From a cup of coffee to skin saving Kevlar-lined gear, we have the accoutrements for a great ride

American Heritage 8" Moc Toe Safety Boots - Midnight Black

American Heritage 8" Moc Toe Safety Boots - Midnight Black

$270.75 Regular price $285.00

Mini Slice Belt Bag

Mini Slice Belt Bag


Armored Black Reflective Performance Hoodie

Armored Black Reflective Performance Hoodie


Phantom Air Level 2 Ventilated Armor Set (SAS-TEC Tripleflex)

Phantom Air Level 2 Ventilated Armor Set (SAS-TEC Tripleflex)

From $28.50

Connecting Motorcycle Enthusiasts

From Los Angeles to London, we've been lucky enough to connect to customers all over the USA and the world. We're proud to associate with those who love simplicity, adventure, and two wheel culture.

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Inspired by the Ride

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Great Lake Supply Co. draws design inspiration from coffee, visibility, and the zen of riding.

GLS Co. is a growing and ever-evolving company owned and operated by motorcyclist & maker Meghan Stark.

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