CORDURA® DENIM: The Perfect Blend for Riding in Safety & Style

CORDURA® DENIM: The Perfect Blend for Riding in Safety & Style

Safety and comfort are paramount when it comes to riding gear. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we want apparel that not only looks and feels good but also offers us durability and protection out there on the road. CORDURA® DENIM, a specialized hybrid fabric, has emerged as a game-changer in riding gear. But what’s so special about it? How is CORDURA® DENIM different from ordinary denim? And will it really offer protection in an accident? 


CORDURA® DENIM is a hybrid fabric that combines the classic look and feel of traditional denim with the exceptional strength and durability of Cordura nylon. Originally designed for military use in 1929, Cordura nylon is a brand of high-performance fabric known for its ruggedness. CORDURA® DENIM is designed to help hard-working jeans, like the ones we wear out on the road, last longer than traditional cotton denim. It is engineered with a blend of military-grade INVISTA T420 nylon 6.6 staple fiber and cotton for an authentic denim look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness. Here’s why it makes such a good fabric for our gear:

Exceptional Durability:

CORDURA® DENIM stands out for its exceptional durability. The incorporation of Cordura nylon makes it highly resistant to abrasion, tearing, and scuffing. Traditional denim tends to wear out relatively quickly when exposed to the elements and friction. In contrast, Cordura denim remains intact, even in the face of rough riding conditions.

Improved Tear Resistance:

In the world of riding motorcycles, the ability of gear to withstand tearing is vital. Cordura denim's tear resistance surpasses traditional denim, offering riders an added layer of protection in case of a fall or collision.

Illustration of Cordura Denim Structure

The composition of Cordura Denim with COOLMAX, a fabric engineered to wick moisture and allow passage of heat.

Enhanced Abrasion Resistance:

The unique blend of Cordura nylon and cotton in CORDURA® DENIM increases its resistance to abrasion, which is essential for protecting the rider's skin during a slide. The fabric's ability to withstand friction against rough surfaces ensures that the gear remains intact and functional, reducing the risk of injury.

Greater Comfort:

Despite its impressive strength, CORDURA® DENIM remains comfortable to wear. Unlike many heavy and rigid materials, it retains the softness and flexibility of traditional denim, providing riders with a relaxed fit and ease of movement.

How is CORDURA® DENIM Different from Standard Denim?

CORDURA® DENIM is very different from traditional denim in terms of its composition and performance. While both are made from cotton, CORDURA® DENIM incorporates Cordura nylon to achieve a more robust fabric. Classic denim is known for its iconic look and comfort but lacks the strength and protective attributes required for motorcycle riding gear.

The world of motorcycle gear is constantly evolving, and the science behind it is truly fascinating. At Great Lake Supply Co., we love having access to some of the safest and most stylish gear out there. Check out some of the products we carry made with CORDURA® DENIM, like the Trucker Riding Jacket and the Cordura Motorcycle Shirt, and get yourself stylish gear that keeps you safe on your adventures!