Phantom Armor Pre-Order

Phantom Armor Pre-Order

These sold out fast

Our first batch of Phantom Level 2 Tripleflex joint protectors (a mouthful, I know) sold out in less than two weeks. We're so happy to hear that you guys love this product and want to try out a set or two for yourselves. So we've made a pre-order for you to guarantee your set when they arrive in January 2022 (not long from now!).

Level 2 Phantom Tripleflex Armor by SAS-TEC at Great Lake Supply Co

What's so great about them?

Most level 2 armor is stiff and bulky, but the innovative Tripleflex design of this Phantom armor is soft on the back and a flexible grid where it faces away from the body. These are universal motorcycle safety pads that are astoundingly flat and even retain their high flexibility in cold conditions. The armor we're offering is black with tear-resistant fabric on the back side.

The Phantom joint protectors fit inside most riding jackets and pants-- including our riding hoodies and pants! They're versatile joint protectors that can be used interchangeably in hip, shoulder, elbow, and knee armor slots. Use them where they best fit! Most often, KB2 (the smaller protector) fits in hip or shoulder while SB2 (the larger protector) fits in knee or elbow. You can buy two sets to outfit both a jacket and pants with the some of the newest, most comfortable motorcycle armour available.

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